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Originally posted by Darth Windu
*sigh* let me explain the concept of majority.
majority - when you have a greater number of votes than any other individual option.
absolute majority - when you have more than 50% of all votes.
*sigh* let me explain that as long as less than half have voted for the UU, then the majority of people polled think it should not be a UU. If they voted for toybox they think it should not be a UU. If they voted for cheat then they think it should not be a UU. If they voted for not at all then they think it should not be a UU.

now simwiz - STAY OFF THIS THREAD. I have alsked you twice to post only things that are relevant to the topic, and twice you have ignored me, for which there is no excuse.
Let's get one thing clear, okay? I post where I like to post. I go into whatever threads I like to go into. I don't know who you think you are if you expect me to listen to you telling me where I can and cannot post. And what the community thinks of this idea is kind of is relevant, because its about this idea's success or failure.

If you want to argue with me or anyone else, do it in a special thread. As i previously said, if you want to post something constructive about this idea, go ahead, but you dont, so stay away.
If I want to argue against this idea and whether the community wants it I will do so in the idea's thread. Is all opposition not constructive? Afraid that people will read my posts and see how much nonsense the idea is? Do you attempt to silence the opposition by telling them to get out?

And like I said before, if one would claim the Gunship UU to be popularly wanted based on the current results, then the poll only shows how results can be colored - split up the opposition and say "hey look the one real YES has a longer bar, cool!"

Summary of Gunship UU idea:
*No place for it in gameplay
*Will either be useless itself or make other unit(s) useless
*It is NOT a recon asset
*Republic is already a very strong civ, no need for it
*Unless overpowered, the Gunship UU will be nothing like the movie, taking away the reason to change it in the first place
*Toybox Gunship could be much more realistic
*2 troopers and AA turret food will NOT influence a battle much
*Of the ideas suggested, most were either overpriced bomber-transports or overpowered super air cruiser transports.
*Curent fighter incarnation is realistic because Gunships were used exactly like fighters in the movie.
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