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Originally posted by its420onthedot
Any of you scripting guys ever use Nostrama Speed Pads?

Just curious...
I just go one a little while ago. Its the N50 speedpad. I like it very much and it does allow for some very nice command macros for Jedi Knight. The only thing it truly does well is allow me to play for longer periods of time without hand cramps. I have very large hands and could never use the w/a/s/d method because after ten minutes Imy hand turned into a claw and cramped up. I was shifted to the arrow keys but that is not a great way to play because of the limited controls around you. That forced me to scripts to give me the abiltiy to toggle multiple commands in a very small area. The speedpad gives me great control without using script files for anything other than chats and net settings. I think its a great product!

Just play the not complain about it!
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