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Can you fix this?

Can anyone tell me what i did wrong w/ this?

bind k "+forward;wait 15;+moveup;wait 15;-forward;wait 5;-moveup"
i just type that in the console so that i can do a soaring forward jump when i press k, but when i land, i can't jump until i bring up the console and type -moveup.
Any ideas on how to fix it?
Thanx! =)


Alright i figured out a better way.
I just did:
bind r "+moveup;-forward;-moveleft;-moveright;"
and now i soar in every direction i jump (besides back as it's 'soar' is a backflip)
My only problem is that if i hold forward and hit r, when i land, if i'm still holding forward, i can't move forward until i release forward. I'm afraid that the soars might be programmed to not let you move until you release the direction as you normaly have to release the direction after hitting the jump to get the soar animation.

Does anyone know how (if it's at all possible) to get around this prob?
Thanx! =)

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