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Subject: Kj°len
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Saiyan
Home Planet: (Unknown, NOT Vegeta)
Abilities: Super Saiyan 4, KaMaHaMay Ray, other energy attacks
Hieght: 5"9
Mood: Mysterious
BIO: Born on an unknown planet but never on Vegeta. Raised too the age of 14, then took care of myself. Super Saiyan at age 6 (scared my kindergarden teacher), Super Saiyan 2 at age 16, Super Saiyan 3 Age 19, Super Saiyan 4 at age 21, still trying to control it.

"Kj°len is a pretty cool guy. 'e doesn't afraid of anything and 'e doesn't anything about anything."
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