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*the creature laughs* "Oh, it can be done, and easily. However, my master the great and powerful Craynoir is bound by the same rules that bind your gods the Aeges in their cosmic chess game to affect the fates of the galaxy. Nothing you primitive apes would know about, or even be aware of...except you two, Termand and Deac. If only your friend Corzip was here, the time-jumping trio would be complete. But the point of a device called the Time Matrix."

*Rwos takes a startles step forward* That's a myth. No such device ever existed...

"Oh, it existed. It exists. It was found by the changeling apprentice of Reletha Darkstar, Deac's very own niece. How did he find it? Why, because of Odin's son's little blunder; he destroyed the system it was hidden on. Ironic, eh?'

Starr *suddenly finding himself able to speak again*: What---does this have to do with any "new reality"?

"Well, this Darkstar, who uses the name Ken'atra Sorack, has used the Time Matrix. He has traveled backward in time and is changing historical events. He has rewritten the past in an effort to save his family from the Aesir's lovely Holocaust and bring about a victory for the forces of the Dark Side. Along with magnifying the evil that flows in undercurrents in the established Republic. None of these other yous that exist in this reality are aware that life is any different. Not that half of you even exist! It's quite glorious!"

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