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*the creature laughs again, maliciously*

"Hate to burst your bubble, silly Aesir...but you were killed. In one second from now. And the galaxy lasted twenty years before the Darkstar discovered the Time Matrix and began his journey backwards.

"There is nothing in it for you. Nothing but the prize of continued existence. If you do not help, the Aesir will stay savage, underdeveloped barbarians, likely on the way to extermination or transformation to a slave race in a reality where you never existed." *hideous grin* "And if you don't help, I'm perfectly fine with that. I don't want you to help. The Aeges are the ones who required your presence, not my great and powerful master Craynoir. If it was my decision, Cracken and his flunky would be the only ones sent. But rules are rules..."

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