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((This post is being posted on behalf of Death, who will be playing Reletha's apprentice. She couldn't log in for some reason and she had to leave for a week---so I'm posting her intro post for her. I've only changed one word---'exhilirates' to 'accelerates' ))

*Ken'atra Sorack is studying his technical readings in his small spaceship. A strand of black hair keeps dangling in front of his face and he moves it and traps it behind one of his pointy ears. He appears to be mostly human with very pale skin, but a few minor details here and there quickly destroy that assumption. First off he has vampire teeth and his eyes are a crimson red that change color with the light. His ear, as mentioned before, are pointy but barely visible because of his shoulder length hair..

If inspected more closely one can note just a hint of horns jutting out from underneath his hairline. Why he chose this form he doesn't really know, it just struck his fancy at the moment, but the pesky hair might need to go soon. It keeps getting in the way. The only thing that stays constant is a small gold locket that he always keeps around his neck. In it is a picture of the family that was so dear to him until they were ripped forever from his life. Well, he's here to change that.* ....

If I don't die of boredom first... *As if on cue a light starts to blink and he excitedly looks at the instruments* Could it be? *his eyes sparkle with joy and they seem to turn almost black and he starts to plot. His ship accelerates towards an object on his screen and his eyes narrow as he chuckles* Finally...time to collect my prize.

((edit, OOS: In case this is confusing, the above (and superthrawn's post) is taking place 20 years into the future, in the normal reality where everyone got killed. ( ) )))

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