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Reasons why the Gunship should be a second UU-
1. Make the game more realistic
2. Alter gameplay
3. Show the gunship the way it should be
4. The Gunship is unique
5. New strategy's for the Republic
6. New Strategy's for people fighting the Republic
7. I'm sure lucasarts can balance it
8. its not a fighter!!!!!

J-5 - actually this is the only current thread, and ITS NOT A FIGHTER.

Simwiz - just looking at three of your points.
"*Toybox Gunship could be much more realistic" - then vote for the toybox gunship.

"*Curent fighter incarnation is realistic because Gunships were used exactly like fighters in the movie." - no, they are used as assault helicopter's in the movie, even the ep2 producers said it was based on a helicopter.

"*Of the ideas suggested, most were either overpriced bomber-transports or overpowered super air cruiser transports." - its not up to us, the final stats would be done by the talented staff over at lucasarts.

Either way the thing goes, at the moment, 75% of people surveyed want the gunship to reflect it's true abilities, wether its a cheat, a UU or a toybox unit. I would be happy with any of those three.
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