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Originally posted by Darth Windu

(1)then vote for the toybox gunship.

(2)no, they are used as assault helicopter's in the movie, even the ep2 producers said it was based on a helicopter.

(3) its not up to us, the final stats would be done by the talented staff over at lucasarts.

(4)Either way the thing goes, at the moment, 75% of people surveyed want the gunship to reflect it's true abilities, wether its a cheat, a UU or a toybox unit. I would be happy with any of those three.
1 - I did.

2 - It is the closest thing to a republic fighter that I saw used in ep2, and in use (not appearance) Starfighters are much more unique than the Gunship.

3 - But many general ideas have been stated, and all have been found faulty. If those who want the idea to begin with cannot think of an idea for it then I don't think LucasArts will try.

4 - You may be willing to accept a cheat/toybox, but the cheat/toybox is not what you have been trying to get - in most of your posts you argue for the UU - and only 38.46% want it as the UU, 61.54% don't want it as the UU. Of course there is a majority for the Gunship in general - because it would be hard for people to find fault with a toybox unit that will have no negative effect on game balance at all.
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