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Originally posted by Admiral
((Superthrawn a couple problems.

The Aesir are now dead. They destroyed their home world, in the holocaust. Those off planet, would have either killed themsleves, or died in the explosions of other stars. Only a few Aesir survived since they were chosen in a prophecy.

Coruscant would not have remained untouched. Look at the character of the Aesir. If their lord was going to die then basically everyone was to die. They wouldn't have left the most populated planet untouched. Especially if they were in the system at the time.

As such, to keep your post more or less correct.

With the Star leaving the system at the last second, the Aesir attacked the planet. Given the advanced weapons, Coruscant was devistated, but left intact.

What your character has destoryed were empty ships, the crews already dead. The gov. would obviously not know that the Aesir are not dead, so they would still send you on your mission.

The remaining Aesir are now far our of reach of any power in the galaxy, and if we go with this time line they have a very important role still to play. Also believe it or not the Aesir are actually not evil.))
((Coruscant was untouched in this reality. Explanation: A remaining Jedi on Coruscant pulled a Dorsk 81 and flung the fleet away via the Force, killing himself (and perhaps most of the Aesir) in the process. My original explanation involved a somewhat different image of the Aesir, but the above is a nice canon explanation for it that still fits with the Aesir, keeping the mistaken death sentence.

As for the Aesir 'scouts' being destroyed, presumably the advanced technology of their ships kept them in such good condition that Katani thought they were 'live'.))

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