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Originally posted by Redwing

((Coruscant was untouched in this reality. Explanation: A remaining Jedi on Coruscant pulled a Dorsk 81 and flung the fleet away via the Force, killing himself (and perhaps most of the Aesir) in the process. My original explanation involved a somewhat different image of the Aesir, but the above is a nice canon explanation for it that still fits with the Aesir, keeping the mistaken death sentence.

As for the Aesir 'scouts' being destroyed, presumably the advanced technology of their ships kept them in such good condition that Katani thought they were 'live'.))
((I like that explanation as it fits better with Superthrawns post, so combine the two and we get:

The Aesir are pushed out of system, with most of their ships damaged. To that end they follow the prophecy and all but the chosen destory themselves.

Like I said, the ships were there, but the crew were dead. So to keep with the loyalty of the Aesir.

However Coruscant can't remain completly untouched. They imported much of their food, and other surrplies. So eventually famine would strike and many would die.))

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