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droid setience theory

FYI this thread contains SPOILERS

since this seems like the best board to post my idea; I came up with a theory about how droids become self aware, probably was said somewhere else and I just didn't notice, but any way....

My theory is that all droids have the capibility to become intelligent over time. one way for droids to become setient is to add something to their coding, i.e. the Ig-88/ Mechis III example. it seems that they can also gain awairness over time if they don't have regular memory wipes, the 4-LOM example.

Ig-88 was programed to have semi-inteligence by the scientists at Holowan in order to execute his assination and other missions more efficiently. but durring one of the startup sequnces, he became fully aware and slautered nearly the whole staff of Holowan. Getting to the point, he showed how intelligence can be programed by uploading his setience into the empty bodies of the other 3 Ig-88 droids, he also showed something like this durring the takeover and subsequent control of the droid producing facilities on Mechis III.

4-LOM started out as a regular protocol droid, but eventually developed quirks about how the people he served left their belongings unsafely. starting from a minor abnormality, he eventually devoped curiosity, and decided to become a bounty hunter another example of indepent thought from programing quirks w/ infequent memory wipes: [quote] p. 252 of NJO:RD
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