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((You're right Admiral. I meant physically untouched, not unharmed. And we need to transfer this discussion to the appropriate place.

Oh, and note that the lizard creature takes the idea of the end of the galaxy far more straightforwardly than the Aesir, which is why he thinks you are so arrogant. That, and he likes needling))

*The creature cocks its head towards the mysterious hawk, chortling* "Did I hear a bird chirping?"

Rwos: Why would you help us if you like what's happening?

"It's all part of a deal. My master, the great and glorious Craynoir, and the meddling nitwit "gods" the Aeges, creators of the Avatar nuisances, have a deal. Neither of them really approve of a not-quite-sane Darkstar posessing the most powerful device in galactic history."

Rwos: think this Time Matrix could endanger the "great and glorious Craynoir" himself?

*the creature laughs* "Don't be a fool. Nothing threatens great Craynoir. doesn't want mere baboons blundering about with Time Matrices, does one? Oh, sure, it's all fun and games when they end up causing genocidial wars or engendering mass race hatred, but who knows what other damage a fool with such power may do?"

Rwos: Why can't the 'Great Craynoir' just freeze time and take the Matrix himself?

"Mighty talky, are we now? Mm, well...rules are rules. Neither of our masters can directly interfere in that way. Thus---"

Starr: You mentioned a deal.

"Yes. A deal. And here it is. The lot of you, minus the Erinhajer, will be allowed to follow the Time Matrix. The Aeges back Deac, Odin, Vidar, Flax, Termand. My master Craynoir backs you and your master Cracken. The two groups of you will each try to get to the Time Matrix first. And whichever of you gets it can either attempt to save your reality, put everything back where it should be - or try to shape it to your own choice.

"The Darkstar set off on his journey one week ago. You will be translated forward to that point and then the quanta that make up your atoms will be...tuned. Yes, that's a good word for simple minds to comprehend. You'll be fine-tuned at the subatomic level to resonate with the movements of the Time Matrix as it travels through time. Your memories and personalities will, of course, be buffered. Protected against changes."

Rwos: Resulting in what effect?

"Resulting in the effect that, like an echo, you will follow the Time Matrix. It plucks the chords of time and you reverberate." *the creature stops and shakes his head in apparent admiration of his own words. "Brilliantly explained, eh?"

Rwos: ...And...

"And if the two Sith here get the Matrix - Craynoir wins. You and your friends get it - the Aeges win."

Rwos: Are you insane?!? If you think we're going to risk the fate of the whole galaxy on beating two---

*the creature laughs* "You aren't going to risk the fate of the galaxy, little fool. That's already been done! And you're right, there is a little fairness issue. Two Sith versus five 'heroes'? Thus, all your abilities will be dimmed. In 'fairness', you won't be able to engage in a telekinetic Force battle over the Time Matrix, or see who's faster with Force speed. And as for you, Termand---" *Rwos' teleporter appears in the creature's hand, and he 'pockets' it in a nonexistent pocket* "No cheating allowed."

*An oversized holographic timer appears around the creature's wrist* "You all have to decide. Two minutes. Ticktock, ticktock. Then time restarts, and all goes back to what it should be. Tick. Tock."

*The creature is gone as suddenly as he appeared. Flax and Cracken have a sensation as if binders were falling from their mouths*

((OOS: My explanation as to why you didn't reply directly to the creature ))

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