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Question Using mission editor to make multiplayer missions

I read through this forum and I was wondering if there is anyway to make missions with a 3rd party editor (like New Horizon) for multiplayer. I wanted to do this...because if you look at all ship when you start a new skirmish, they are all in pretty orginzed lines, at preset distances. A group of gun turrets you make to protect a starbase is in a nice formation a few meters apart unstead of evenly distributed around the base. Stuff like this is what i want to fix. If there is anyone out there that might have an answer for me, I would greatly aprecate any help you can provide.

I have noticed many things go un noticed hopefully if im complete with my question you might take the few moments it would take to right a few sentances that would give me an answer (and possably how to do it?). Thx...

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