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Rwos: No, that would be pretty much impossible. You're thinking in terms of parallel universes. This universe doesn't parallel yours. It comes close, relatively speaking; accessible by the same axis dimension. But the soul doubles theory, as we call it here, only holds absolutely true in parallel dimensions.

*a masked Swordsman speaks to Rwos* So, your friend here's a scientist?

Rwos: No, Evan, but he understands the basic concepts.

Evan: 'Basic concepts' hah. No one but you studies that stuff if they can get away with it.

Rwos: Anyway. Yes, we're chasing a mutant girl. Human. We actually just wanted to get her back here, which is step A, but now we need to move to step B, which is get her back from her kidnappers.

*the first masked Swordsman* Termand, a transport won't be here for fifteen minutes. Do you want to go back and retrieve the teleporter?

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