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I recommend the following settings:

seta g_saberdamagescale 2
- I think 3 is too much (personal preference) because higher than 2 makes strong swing a disadvantage because medium stance will kill you just as quickly, but is not as slow a swing. Just my opinion. But increasing the saber damage definitely helps.

seta g_saberghoul2collision 1
- I like this type of blocking, since it is more like the SP (and movies?). And with extra saber damage, this blocking doesn't increase the length of a duel too much. Default is off, by the way.

seta g_sabertracesaberfirst 0
- I feel that if you have the above on, you should have this off. Otherwise almost nothing will get through.

Basically it depends on how long you want your duels to last. I like mine to last a little bit longer (one on one) than Smood does I think, so I like the above settings. For FFA, lowering blocking or increasing damage might be better. Again, all preferences. One thing Smood and I agree on though, is that there is no need to whine about nerfed saber this and useless saber that. It is so easy to change things to exactly how you want them (and you can put them in a config file so they will be set up automatically). So tweek away and have fun!
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