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Originally posted by remark 666
****, stupid scroll mouse, it plays only the first attack that's scripted like +attack;wait;+jump and it'll only play +attack, so much for easy keys
I thought that might be a problem. The bind will still work, just not with the mousescroll up/down button.

If you want to conserve buttons you may want to try this trick; The same keypresses for the Yellow DFA works as the second part for the Red DFA. Just type the following in console:

bind x "+forward; +moveup; +attack"

Now you can use the same key for both Yellow & Red DFA's:

When in Yellow with opponent close & in your sights, simply press your new DFAbind button.

When in Red press your attack key manually, wait for the swing to be just slightly more than halfway done, & then press your new DFAbind button. This gives you much more flexibility so you can change your mind, adjust your aim, etc.
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