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for a great saber duel

A great saber duel (the short way)

1st - Uninstall your game, then reinstall it.
2nd - Do not install the patch (any of them).
3rd - play 1.02

Your duels will be excellent!

A great saber duel (the long way)

1st -Write that you want MORE in the next patch and not less on every thread you can find that touches on that subject.

2nd -E-mail Raven like crazy about bringing back the variety of moves and the "in control" feel of the original.

3rd -Never ever again fall for the old "if we just get rid of this everything will be better" line. Thats a lie. The only way to make things better is to add to them.

Thanks for reading this seeya

PS I read your 1.04 setting and your right it does make 1.04 better. But it still isn't the great game that got us all hooked in the first place

Battlefield 1942........

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