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Originally posted by eizo131
The gunship should be the UU, and the Jedi starfighter the republic fighter. Lucas arts could put in a patch........

I happen to like the starfighter, and would be infuriated (as I believe many others would also be) if they removed one of the most fun UU's in the game. How can you not love sitting above a fortress surrounded by AA turrets and mobiles and fighters, getting valuable recon while laughing that if they only could see you they have enough firepower to completely destroy 20X the unit instantly? Or using the super-fast unit to hit and run their workers in T3, and using its stealth to kill their mining outposts in T4?

And as I have already said the Starfighter is more unique than the Gunship. The Gunship was used as a fighter, the Starfighter was not.

I see no reason why the Republic should be so downgraded (yes, it would be downgraded) to lose its useful and specialised UU for a useless bomber-transport.
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