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my argument skews much the other way. I'm SICK TO DEATH of supposedly bad ass galaxy destroying villains that simply end up being disposable hero-foils. This is the new breed of Star Wars villain. And it SUCKS. Desann could have been a new breed of Sith... The kind that has plots upon plots AND a sense of martial prowess about him. He had his own style of sabering, for %)(*$#)(#*#) sake! You know how long that would take to develop? His Grip and Electricity were even higher than the Sidious and Vader, and he had Vader's power with ONE HAND. And in the end, all of this development is simply thrown to the wolves.. STUPID. What ever happened to the true BAD ASS villains? The kind that could hold their own? Even in the books and comics, this applies... It's getting to the point where I don't care anymore.. Oh no, the evil villain...with the new super world destroying death ray.. that is guaranteed to die some "ironically fitting" death in the third book/final stage. BORING.

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