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- Lionen, you have a wonderful idea, actual control of the saber with the mouse! Although this would either call for extreme programming, or a new code innovation it would definately be superior!

- Your welcome sharafett... I love these settings as well.

- Fatal strike, although 1.02 did require twitch skill, I feel it wasn't really a saber fight, but instead like a weird sword fight where there were no blocks or parries, oh and your saber went through things without harming them many times... 1.04 with the ideal settings is simply the best...

- crazaplaya, regular blocking isn't bad, but I prefer ghoul2 style without sabertrace since it introduces true parries and reduces blocking to body blocks, instead of a cube of blocking or a invisible blocking area

- Mercen4ry I'll see if I can make it happen, I work at so maybe?

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