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Look, we all want the same thing here. You want the past fixed, i want the past fixed. the last thing i need is some Jedi wanna be *glares at Deac* to go mucking around and destroy my existance, or some hell bent prophetic no-force users destroying the galaxy *Glares at Odin*

so, with that out of the way, i say we all just get along for about however long it takes us to fix whatever we need, then go back hating eachother and me trying to kill all of you. horrifically. k? I think that's best. whatever disputes you now hold with your brothers in arms can wait. in fact, i think *takes out small Holoplanner* after we're done here...... i can hold off killing you all for... at least a week. that should give you all time to sort it all out.

*motions* shall we get going?

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