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this is the address of a GF fansite
I am starting to make. I hope to have
most of it's shell built by next week.
(would appreciate any feed back)

Calaverablanca is a GF fansite
which also is going to slightly
parody film noir movies such as
(which every GF member of this forum
should see, because you will appreciate
year 2 all the more for seeing it.)

also am looking for submissions
for this site. Grim Skins.(especially)
icq skins,
aol messenger,
yahoo messenger
icq sound schemes,
anything like that.
or any leads on where
to get skining tools.
I have skinamp so can make
winamp skins, and I can also
make an msn messenger skin,
but would like to the same
for the other instant chat

any and all authors
of submissions will be
properly credited
for their work.

like I said,
please if you can go see
my site, and tell me what you think
but more importantly rent or buy
You'll be very glad that you did.

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