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((OOS: Well, when the Matrix jumps, you won't all end up in the same place. You could be maybe half a mile apart even. It's random in that way.

So we'll assume Battledog said yes (since he seems to be on vacation ) and he just ended up in a different place then us. Same with Admiral's characters.))

*Starr glares at Rwos* And for the trouble you've caused me, alien, I'm going to kill you personally.

*Rwos just looks at him warily* Whatever. Obviously, we don't have much of a choice. But I want one thing first. I want to know exactly where the Darkstar is going, and what he is intending to do there. *yells* In other words, you stupid lizard, I want to know what is going on here!

But he was yelling it to a large creature that seemed to be made entirely of stone.

To Be Continued

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