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Question what about tavion?

an idea:

tavion goes to the jedi academy to be trained in the light side of the force, but the dark side is still too strong in her, she would be send on a mission to *the sith planet wich name i don't remember* but is overwhelmed by the dark side, she gets a sith spirit in her, but doesn't notice it, then most of the times she can be normal light side, but when she gets mad (becouse of bosses), the spirit takes over and she gets really great dark side powers, after a while, luke finds out, and askes kyle for help, together they try top stop tavion (wich is you) but you win and kyle and luke run. they look into a jedi holocron (recently found on kashyyykk, somewhere deep down) they find the solution, and bust the sith spirit out off tavion, the spirit attacks luke and kyle, and the fight it, tavion can choose to join the spirit (dark side) or luke and kyle (light side)

any thoughts about it?

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