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this a question,
I know you mods are busy
and have other things to do
as well but what happens to
all the locked threads?
and so so working sites?
I mean a locked thread
is good to read but you can't
participate any longer so should
it not be moved off to make more
room for other threads and posts?
I mean High Rollers has a great many
locked threads.
and sites that show up on GFN hosted
site list that are not active
aka Bones of Life as example
get people's hopes up.
maybe they should be hidden
and posts could be made by mods for
and like fansite needs a new
webmaster any takers
please apply and submit
preposeal. proposals
man did I spell that wrong.
and is there a spelling check feature?
I mean sending email by hotmail or
eudora is great because I can check
it is kind of goofy sending
someone a preposeal.

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