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"I had to put my server back on original maps for now cause people would connect and not have the maps."


I understand your frustration man, I have all these really cool maps I can't even use because no one D\Leds them. I ended up going back to the whole 4 crappy Raven maps to.

I love it when someone actually asks for Kamino or Matrixdojo; I even just D\Led the cool new Matrix Subway map that I'll probally never get to use online

I understand that most people still have crappy connections, but if you don't want to wait for them to D\L from the server, why not D\L them from the sites while you sleep. You guys REALLY don't know what your missing. Most of these maps are FAR better than any of Ravens.

BTW, I ended up going back to Duel_SE again, while Jedimod is really cool, I was having to many problems. Maybe the next version.
Also, have you upgraded to 1.04 yet? If so, how's the player situation with it? Are there many yet? I haven't done it yet because I wanted to see what the fallout would be and because some of my players haven't done so either.

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