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"Not yet!!"

It was dark.

It was windy.

It was foggy.

And there was a fifteen-foot-tall gray behemoth that looked like someone had carved it out of stone standing on the mountainside in front of Termand Rwos, very much alive and very much startled to see a gargoyle appear out of thin air right in front of it.

Rwos: Sithspit! I knew he'd do this!


The creature didn't seem to happy to see him. Apparently, it didn't take kindly to strangers appearing in the middle of its evening meal. Because that was what it was doing. Eating something. Something unrecognizable.

The behemoth swiped a giant gray hand at Rwos. Rwos ducked and tumbled several feet down the steep slope before regaining his balance. The beast came lumbering after him.

Then a lightsaber appeared through its skull. A crimson red one.

Starr Hailfire leaped off the beast's head as it fell and landed in front of Rwos.

Starr: This place is strong with the dark side, alien. You're nowhere near a match for me now.

*Starr raised his hand and it began to glow purplish-blue. Rwos readied himself to deflect...

But nothing came out. The glow fizzled and died away.*

Starr: What in the Force?!?

*Starr raised his hand at Rwos again and concentrated. Nothing more than a fizzle of electricity, instead of the expected stream of deadly lightning, came out.*

Starr: WHAT IS THIS???

Rwos: Didn't that lizard thing say something about dimming all of your connections to the Force?

Starr: SCUM!! *Starr raised his lightsaber and rushed at Rwos. The two exchanged blows and parries with difficulty, trying to keep on the mountainside* If I can't fry you, I'll settle for second best: Slicing you into little pieces!

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