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Originally posted by D@rth M@ul

Keep rolling your eyes pal, because Most people have 56k.

Maybe the 2 kids you know on your street have dsl or cable but
there are alot of others suffering with 56gay.

I have DSL btw.

Duel of Fates, the best map ever. This guy had a Obi-wan skin,
I had maul.

I will never forget that duel.
wtf... We rarelly Have ppl having 56k here in LA!!... Well I have cable.. and I have no problem dling the map

Plus they can go to


it takes less than a min to dl a map of 4 megs or more.. come on...

It is obvious this contest cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force, but by our skills with the lightsaber."

-Count Dooku

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