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Originally posted by Ben_Walker
Those last screen shots were awesome. Makes me wish I could afford a technical guy to install some RAM.
Okay, I can't take it anymore. If RAM is the only reason why you can't play, JKII, then you are in extreme luck. RAM is just about the easiest comp upgrade you can install.

If you are running windows this is how you do it:

Unplug at least your power cords. I recommend you unplug everything from the back of your case, so you can work with it easier, then open your computer case (you may have to consult your manual on this but it's usually self explanatory) Inside you will see a few things that you should be familiar with. PCI slots are white slots which house things like your modem Graphics/Sound cards etc and actually open up on the back of your case so you can plug your phone cords and stuff into them. You may have an AGP slot too, which looks pretty much like PCI slots and will be right nearby to them, but they are brown. So, that was just so you kind of know where you are. Anyways, look for a bar of RAM in your system. It should be in a long slot with a white clasp on each end of it holding it in place. (you will recognise your RAM slot because the RAM you buy should look just like the RAM in your system) So, on the empty RAM slot, push the white securing tabs back, then insert the new bar of RAM into the slot until it "clicks" into place (This may take a bit of force) Then, press the securing tabs back, making sure they both hook into the slots on the ends of the RAM, put the cover back on the case, plug it in, and viola, you have now installed your RAM. At the windows start screen, it will probably take a bit longer to boot up while your system configures for the new RAM, but there is no onscreen in-system installation needed. Just that simple.

A few things to remember, always stay grounded to the power source while handling RAM or anything inside your system. One zap with static electricity, and whatever you zapped is dead, so stay grounded and it should be easy enough.

Bear in mind that I am not a computer expert, but installed my RAM with no problems. Its just simple. Just don't pay someone to install it for you. When I was looking for some RAM and didn't know what I was doing, Best Buy was gonna stick me with a $30 install fee which is a joke. The entire installation takes ten minutes tops and is pretty foolproof as long as you stay grounded.

And so you know, I won't be held responsible for anything good or bad that may happen to your system before, during, and after the installation. Installing RAM is as I said super easy, but if you don't feel comfortable or whatever and screw something up, don't blame me okay.

Funny thing is that I learned how to install my RAM on these boards too. Just paying it forward

So, any questions or anything, feel free to Private message me.

hope this helps because JKII is simply not a game to miss especially if it's over something as simple to install as RAM.

Good Luck and happy gaming.

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