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Odin finds himself in a grassy fields. Nothing wrong except he is all alone. Calling out: Is any one there? In the distance Odin hears the sounds of his confused son Vidar.

Vidar: Father where are you?

Odin:Over here.

Finally meeting a couple of minutes later. The two pick a direction and begin walking and have a casual converstation.

Odin:You know the prophecies well. Does anything mention this happening?

Vidar:Yes father I believe there is one does. In a time of trouble the galaxy will tremble in fear. Fire will be unleashed from greaving race for an untimely death of a beloved lord.

It goes on to say that: In the past hope lies, ultimate weapon can save the galaxy, or doom it to unending terrors. Beloved Lord must seek, the ultimate weapon to put write premature Ragnorak. Danger lies along the path, evil also seeks the weapon. The galaxy lies on a razor edge. On Misstep by chosen warriors, and evil shall begin a new reign of terror. If the chosen warriors are succesful, greiving race will no longer grieve, the galaxy will no longer tremble, fire will not be unleashed.

Odin:And what is your interpetation.

Vidar:Well as in the other prophecies you are the beloved lord. The rest of the Aesir are teh grieving race. The fire and premature Ragnorak are the Resonance torpedoes. I believe that you are not meant to die yet. Currently we are in the second part seeking the ultimate weapon which would be the time matrix. Now this is the first time it mentions chosen warriors. I believe those to be your compains Deac, Rwos and the others. Evil is obviously Starr, and Cracken. If we don't reach the matrix before they do, Then the rest of the galaxy is doomed.

Odin:I concur, so we should get moving.

The two wonder off seeking a starport.

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