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I think what we are suggesting is that the Gunship becomes the second Republic UU. In the same way as the A-Wing is the second Rebel UU.
Jedi Starfighter should stay the same.... it's been done the way it is for a reason, and that reason is called Game Balance. i like it. I'm irritated by the delay before firing, but I know that without that Game Balance would severely suffer.
Imagine- Jedi Starfighter with fighter weapons. A pack of them fly into an enemy base cloaked. They fire at an AA turret, then stop firing- cannot be hit by missiles or other fighters. This could be repeated and would make the Starfighter absolutely and totally overpowered.
Jedi Starfighter wouldn't work as a Republic normal fighter either. Starfighters are unique, elite, etc. Therefore, they are a UU.

I really wonder what the responses would be if the poll was simply:
1. Republic Gunship as the second Republic UU
2. Republic Gunship stays as it is

Also, a little nit-picking thing, but the people who voted "I don't want the Gunship at all" clearly want a new Republic fighter.
This poll is getting weird because the actual poll choices are getting a bit cloudy, thanks to simwiz's expert muddling of the issue.
No offense.

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