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((OOS: Remember, we're all on the same planet, just a ways apart. Death will be here to play the part of the Darkstar in a day or so))

*Rwos and Starr duel along the mountainside, parry for parry and slash for slash*

Rwos: Don't you think this is a bit premature? Didn't your master say something about a truce? Getting along?

Starr: Do you know where we are, Termand Rwos? This is the Sith planet of Renare. This mountain we stand on houses the most vast knowledge repository ever known to the galaxy. *Starr yells above the wind* There is no way in or out of this planet except one! And that secret died with Palpatine!

Rwos: Seems the Time Matrix isn't just useful for time travel then?

Starr: I have seen this place only in my visions! Yet it is exactly how I remember!

*Starr turns and runs up the mountain. Rwos turns off his lightsword and chases after him, scaling the rockface as only a gargoyle can, using clawed hands and feet to climb faster*

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