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Hey, I just wanted to post a little script I found to work for BOTH The Medium Overhead Slash special and the Famous DFA attack.
When in the Medium Stance, it will be a one button move. But when in the Heavy Stance, you will have to begin the move manually, you'll see what I mean.

set "dfa" "+forward; +moveup; +attack; wait; wait; -forward; -moveup; -attack"
bind x "vstr dfa"

The script looks simple but it helps a bit. When you are in front of your opponent with the Medium Stance, you can just tap the binded key to execute the Overhead Slash. (If you notice your opponent directly underneathe you, or at least close, use the Spin Script to spin your attack around and kill your opponent in 1 move--I like to call this the "Overhead Spin Slash".) Of course the slash can be avoided, and if you were unlucky enough to have used the spin attack, chances are you are going to have your back turned to your opponent, and unless you have your backstab ready, you are likely going to be in for a heck of a beating.

As for the DFA attack, all you do is Tap attack in the Heavy stance and you will begin the slash above your head. This takes a bit of timing although, when you see the saber just above your head tap the binded key and you will execute the DFA attack. Of course, practice makes perfect and you shouldn't expect to ALWAYS land this attack. Unlike the other DFA scripts, this one does not have you wait for it to finish if it backfires. Another good feature of this is the oppurtunity to Fake your DFA attack, psyching out your opponent with a few fakes, then Jump in when they least expect it.

Oh yeah, one last thing. From a bit of playing with the wonderful scripts I found on this post, I found that you can chain two scripts together, the Backstab attack, and the Lunge attack. Note that I said the scripts, and not the moves. This is because I am not referring to the Backstab move, but what that move gives you. In the Light stance (blue) you can use the backstab script (the earlier one, not the automatic turning one) To preform a fade-away uppercut. After your uppercut, you can tap the key your Lunge script is binded to for a quick Lunge combo. This is great when your against a head-on offensive foe. Your uppercut will either block their attack or knock their attack off course, then the Lunge attack following the uppercut will Captialize on their mistake... Also, you can tap the backstab script multiple times to have a easy fade-away uppercut frenzy. This little trick of mine happens to be most effective against Comps (because they are stupid and run at you face first.)

Have fun with my scripts and strategies. If you come around using them.

Someone saw me use my "Spinning Overhead Slash Attack" and ask me "How do you do that psycho spin attack thing?" *ROFL
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