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kickass thing to do (i just did it, but my current modem drivers are wrong, making it function as a winmodem, so i transfer sooo slow! cant upload pics)

in SP, go to a multiplayer map (prefferably a large open on, with flat spaces) by typing

map mapname

in the console

then type devmapall in the console to enable cheats

type god in the console to make sure you dont die...

then type

npc spawn seeker

in the console to spawn a seeker.

now press up, to make it repeat the last text (npc spawn seeker) and press enter to execute

repeat that last step about... ohh... 50 times...

make sure you don't have your lightsaber on, or they might die.

now watch the pretty seekers circle around you mindlessly. you can run around, or jump high in the air and come down (that's particularly cool, cause the follow you up, then slam down after you land, lol)

if you understood that, cheers. it's freaking awsome. lol

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