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seta name "^1|:|^5R^7e^5M^7a^5R^7k^1|:|" <- that's the code I see, what I wanted to ask you guys is how to bind a name to a key, so if I press a button my name will change to whatever I type in, than with a key, it'll come back, thanks in advance.

ohh and to add more ram to the game is seta com_hunkMegs "100" (or in the console type /com_hunkmegs #

#= how much you want to add (I'd recomend 2/3 or half of your total ram, as seen, I put less than half but better than default) /com_hunkmegs without the # will tell you the default number (64 I think).

also, is it possible to bind ` for console as a key only ? I'm really tired of doing it shift + `


Originally posted by shareef187

set brkdnc "cl_yawspeed 2500;+back;wait;wait;+movedown;+right;bind u vstr resetsen"
set resetsen "cl_yawspeed 140;-right;-back;-movedown;bind u vstr brkdnc;exec xtrastancesd.cfg"
bind u vstr brkdnc
set emergency "-back;-movedown"
bind j vstr emergency

press u to initiate, then press u again to terminate..... if after termination, u r stuck crouching, walking backwards, press j to reset
I haven't tested this script out but I can see it probably won't work since I see exec xtrastancesd.cfg in it and you also forgot to put " " around vstr brkdnc and vstr emergency

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