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Age matters not to the Jedi. Mmm, yes. Kyle should actually get even more powerful as he grows older. And yes, he's flaky, not the best Jedi student in the galaxy, but that's what makes him interesting. He's edgy and a little bit off the rails, wrong side of the tracks. Hur hur. A cross between Ben Kenobi and Han Solo then.

I'm SICK TO DEATH of supposedly bad ass galaxy destroying villains that simply end up being disposable hero-foils.
A good point, but then again if you couldn't defeat the big bad guy at the end of the game, you'd feel a little bit cheated, wouldn't you. Anyone remember the old Quake conversion Zerstorer? hur hur. Closure at the end of a game is most necessary, but because of that the medium doesn't lend itself to contiguous antagonism. How many game villains have been ressurected from certain death time and time again? Kane from C&C... Shodan in SS2... Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat... Doh in Arkanoid, the list is endless. Games are episodic in nature and until someone releases a truly realised series of games with a consecutive and believable plotline, they won't be anything but. And such an undertaking would be a large affair. A project comparable to the LotR movie series, and requiring a similar leap of faith by financial backers.

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