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I copied a server.cfg from someone and edited the content to meet my server stats, and it wont work. This is what I have in my server.cfg:

set g_motd "Beware of the Barnabus"
set net_ip
set net_port 28070
set g_gametype "1"

//--SETA SECTION---------
seta sv_hostname "BUCKET STUDIOS"
seta rconpassword "buckethead"
seta sv_maxclients 10

//--Private Server Section----
//seta g_needpass "1"
//seta g_password "mypass"

//--SETA SECTION Continue---
seta g_timeouttospec "30"
seta g_allowVote "1"
seta g_filterBan "1"
seta g_banIPs ""
seta g_statLogFile "statlog.log"
seta g_statLog "1"
seta g_logSync "0"
seta g_log "games.log"
seta g_saberInterpolate "1"
seta g_forcePowerDisable "1"
seta g_spawnInvulnerability "3000"
seta g_teamForceBalance "0"
seta g_teamAutoJoin "1"
seta g_friendlySaber "0"
seta g_friendlyFire "0"
seta g_forceRegenTime "0"
seta g_autoMapCycle "1"
seta net_noipx "1"
seta net_noudp "0"
seta sv_floodProtect "1"
seta sv_maxPing "300"
seta sv_minPing "0"
seta sv_maxRate "10000"
seta timelimit "20"
seta fraglimit "20"

//set sv_zone Duel
//set sv_timeout 15
//set timelimit "20"
//set fraglimit "20"
set logfile "0"
set sv_master! ""

//seta g_maxGameClients "0"
//seta g_weaponDisable "1"
//seta g_duelWeaponDisable "1"
seta g_saberLocking "1"
seta g_privateDuel "1"
seta g_saberAutoAim "1"
seta g_saberAnimSpeed "1"
seta g_saberMoveSpeed "1"
seta g_saberRealisticCombat "1"
seta g_saberAutoBlocking "1"
seta g_subtitles "2"
seta g_dismemberProbabilities "3"
seta g_dismemberment "1"
seta g_warmup "5"

// Map Rotation
set d1 "map ctf_yavin ; set nextmap vstr d2"
set d2 "map ffa_ns_hideout ; set nextmap vstr d3"
set d3 "map ctf_bespin ; set nextmap vstr d4"
set d4 "map ffa_ns_streets; set nextmap vstr d5"
set d5 "map duel_pit ; set nextmap vstr d6"
set d6 "map ffa_raven ; set nextmap vstr d7"
set d7 "map ffa_bespin ; set nextmap vstr d1"

map ffa_bespin

Is there something I'm missing? Im sure of it, I bet I glanced over it too quikly and missed out on something, because everything you see above is exactly what I have in my server.cfg

In my target box I have "E:\Games\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\jk2mp.exe" +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg

Now when I click on the shortcut the MP console comes up and all this writing appears. It looks like its going fine then it stops at
"Hitch warning: 773865 msec frame time
Resolving resolved to
Sending heartbeat to
Hitch warning: 1298 msec frame time"
and dosn't do anything else.

Please help me, I really wanna get this to work.
P.S. sorry for the length of the message
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