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*ignores the last two posts*
Originally posted by Robrob
I already have all of these scripts. I am unbeatable with them. Cheating or not I will kill you with these scripts and that's all that matters. I love my script that rolls forward pull them down turn around and back attack. That script works everytime.
I bet that wouldn't work on me, I'd use absorb, kick your ass and than backstab right through your gut (or kick and than strong stance dfa your sorry behind), fight is!


and please, someone answer my last few posts,


EDIT:: malinkie, that's not what I was saying, I was sayign that we don't have that script.cfg, if we don't have it than the command won't execute properly

shareef187: could you PLEASE look over the commands that you've posted and repost them so that they would work fully ? only few of them wored (with minor editing to them)

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