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((OOS: I assume then that the Darkstar was allowed to return when the Starkiller avatar reentered Orthos))

Starr: Master...this is the Sith world of Renare. Somewhere in this mountain is Renare itself. It's the galaxy's greatest information depository. Your father was the last to tread here...besides the beasts. The secret of the path to this world died with him.

*Starr looks around* I cannot sense who else has come...the lizard that sent us here has somehow..."dimmed" our powers. *shaking with fury* What shall we do?


*Outside, Termand Rwos attempts to pry the doors open. Unfortunately, durasteel was a little beyond even gargoyle strength. Especially a gargoyle used to drawing on magic that suddenly can't do that anymore. Rwos only succeeded in hurting his hands.

One option. He drew his lightsword and shoved the point into the door. The durasteel began melting...*

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