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((Oss, our characters will be jumping around, time, maybe they will meet up with their past selves, imagine two of everyone around))

Odin: That Lizard thing said the Aesir are savages. This disturbs, me. First chance we get, head for Asgard. I have a feeling that the ancient war is still being waged. If so we must put an end to it. Not to mention we would then have an army in this timeline.

Vidar: That is a very disturbing thought father. Look a town is coming up. Lets find a Cantina and rest. I wonder if they will show proper manners concering guests.

Odin: Probably not, few follow the ways of our people.

Entering the town, the two immediatly sense evil surronding the place. Cautously the two enter the local Cantina.

Odin: Be careful I don't like the smell of this place, reeks of evil.

Vidar: I'm ready father Vidar takes a flanking position, when a patron; a sith, steps up to Odin, with the intentions of starting a fight.

Sith: You do not belong here, stranger. You are not Sith. [the other occupants stand up, obviously they were ready for a fight]

Odin: Mind your own business or lose your head.

Sith: Lose my head. I don't think so. You will bow your heads now before the Sith brotherhood, hand drops down to reveal a lightsaber or di.....

[Odin becoming losing his temper, Odin whirls around, and with his bare hands rips the Sith's head off. In one move Vidar unsheaths his sword, and throws it into the closest enemy, killing him. To their surprise and joy, 10 of the patrons stood up, and pulled out lightsabers, forming a circle to the now back to back father and son]

Odin:Looks like this wasn't just an innocent town.

Vidar: That is an understatement, look at all these Sith, we're going to have fun.

Odin: Yup, who ever kills the least will buy the first round. Make it challenging, Lightsabers only. No powers.

Vidar: Your on.

Odin tageted the two in front of him as his first victims. Throwing the head of the fallen Sith. Odin ducks under the swing of one of the sith, Turning on his own saber Odin thrust it into the stomach of the Sith that just swung. Vidar, pulled out his two sabers. Smilling viscously he Rushed three sith grouped together. In a panic The Sith that Vidar rushed killed each other when turning on the lighsabers. When the two were finished Vidar bested his father by one. Blood stained the walls, the Cantina was oddly empty.

Vidar:I won, you must get the first round.

Odin:I see you have been practicing while I was away. However these were not true Sith. They were much two weak for that. I believe that we just stumble on a group of Apprentices.

Vidar:I agree, they didn't even try any force powers on us. True Sith wouldn't do that. Lets have a drink and keep going.

Odin:Very well.

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