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Kick, then right into a DFA? Wow, sounds difficult to pull off. You would probably need a script to do that consistently. Cheaters…

Here is my vision for scripting and JK2:

When I click on, “Get New List”, on top of my game menu, and the servers start popping up at a high rate, I want to see a server called, “SCRIPTERS ONLY!”. Wouldn’t it be nice if all you guys could play against each other, showing off the cheats that you’ve created. I mean heck, if you were to get the f*** off of our servers, then maybe we wouldn’t have something to complain about. Because not only am I complaing and bitching about scripting, I’m bitchin about the ppl writing them. They are obnoxious, arrogant, conceited, haughty, egotistical, bigheaded, overconfident, supercilious, or just simply put, THEY ARE ALL PRICKS!

Pricks with no lives. Geez, the time and tweaking it takes to create some of these things is incredible. To think that could be spent with a girlfriend, or a night on the town with the buds.

Simply put, go create your own server and let you pricks play each other. I’d love to see the chat log on those games. You all suck ass.

Please do not hate the player - Hate the game you freekin whiners!
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