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Ummm.. hate to burst your bubble but that worked on the 17th, 18th the day I added the patch to the server and found that info.

Worked well until yesterday and today both days it removed our servers from the 1.04 list. (and put them back on the 1.03a/1.02 list).


We where listed as 1.04 after doing this server drop for 30-40 minutes.

WEll to fix it I have been doing the same thing taking the server down.

But are we going to have to do this every single day? Or is raven going to fix the problem? THis is not just a problem with updating from 1.03a .. its a problem with keeping our server listed as a 1.04!

Isn't anyone else having this same issue? I marked a bunch of 1.04 servers as favorite the other day and they are still there but not listed anymore too. So I would think not.
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