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The official addition to Jedi Knight…

While truing to overthrow the evil Galactic Empire, the New Republic has set up several bases on the outer rim territories. But with the Empire slowly disintegrating, business seems to be harder and deals seem to be more unrewarding. With Kyle blindly lured in to a Sith temple, The Hutts have asked Mara Jade’s assistance to deal with Jedi artefacts and dangerous smugglers...

New weapons, new enemies and of course… NEW FORCE POWERS!
That’s right, Mysteries of the Sith has everything you could possibly want from the Star Wars universe. You split your character throughout the game which means you play as Kyle Katarn for 4 levels, and the rest of the game with smuggler– turned Jedi, Mara Jade.

The game has been generously updated from Jedi Knight, with weapons and
SFX that mirror the trilogy. You see planets both old and new, enemies and AI that actually make sense. If that wasn’t enough, you can perform Force-Grips, Deadly Sights, Force-Farsights and Force-Pushes and Pulls on unlucky little Stormtroopers.
Let's of couse not forget the lushous multiplayer mode, talk about options! Pick a sequence from the movies or novels, and you could easily match that experience with a friend. Have you read about the Ysalamari? Small worm like creatures grow on branches and repel the Force in a metre-bubble around them. Playing 'Kill the fool with the Ysalamari' is not only cool and vengeful, but it is hilariously funny from another point of view. There are plenty more but if you want to experience the full Jedi Knight life, take a look at JEDI-KNIGHT: MYSTERIES OF THE SITH.


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