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Okay, I will.


After playing through the much loved Jedi Knight, I could hardly wait to try out the add-on Mysteries of the Sith. Before I got my hands on it, I had heard a few discouraging reviews, and I was almost afraid to get it, for fear that this add-on would soil my opinions of Jedi Knight.
This time, the story revolves around the Timothy Zahn created character of Mara Jade. She is close to becoming a Jedi Knight, walking the thin line of the light side of the Force after being Palpatine’s right hand for so long.
Nothing new in the graphics department. Using the same engine and even most of the same textures from Dark Forces II, Mysteries of the Sith offers nothing new. In fact, its missing one thing: movie cinema scenes. Instead we get real time cut-scenes.
Again, nothing new is found as far as audio is concerned. Same music and sound effect. Hey, if it isn't broke, don't fix it.
Surprise, surprise. The controls are identical to Jedi Knight.
Believe it or not, the new levels are very fresh and original, having very little in common with the previous game. A very wise choice on the part of Lucas Arts. And they are still as vast as ever. This time, LucasArts has spent more time on the Multiplayer levels, which are amazing. You can play as Luke or Vader, or any of the JK characters. You can run around Cloud City, or the Second Death Star. The choice is yours.
The whole balance between the light side and the dark side was removed from this game. Instead you have ready access to powers from both. Plus, Lucas Arts threw in four new powers to keep us happy, including the lightsaber throw.
You should definitely check this game out if you like Dark Forces II. It offers a lot for the little money you spend in getting it.

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