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I have re-writed the review...hopefully no-one will make fun of me this time.

Mysteries of the Sith...The official addition to Jedi KnightÖ

While fighting the threatening superweapons of the evil galactic Empire, Kyle Katarn investigates the eerie world of Dromund Kaas, hoping to find something the Empire didnít want anyone to hear about. Leading the fight for the New Republic, Jedi apprentice Mara Jade is left with the gruelling job of dealing with the Hutts, the most notorious crime lords in the galaxy...

New weapons, new enemies, updated Force powers and a bigger, better multiplayer feature, Mysteries of the Sith will continue to amaze you as the prequel, Jedi Knight did. The detailed gameplay has everything you could possibly want from the Star Wars universe. You play different roles as the game progresses, which gives the game a surprising turn. The Artificial Intelligence has been upgraded and is a lot more understandable; a nice little detail is that if you steal an enemy's weapon, they start punching you. My favourite addition to the game is the ever-increasing Force powers! Perform Force-Grips, Deadly Sights, Force-Farsights, Force-Pushes and many more on unlucky little Stormtroopers. The levels are highly detailed as always, constantly reminding you that you are in the Star Wars galaxy. The settings are incredibly flexible and will accept anything you program or download, even upgrades like the lightstaff used to give Darth Maul his double-sided Lightsaber. (See jediknight.netís skins)

Well, thereís always a downside to every game, and this oneís a little more obvious. Donít expect good cutscenes, Lucasarts could not afford to make more live action movies. This time the scenes were recorded in-game, with no lip synchronisation and, might I add, a low quality graphics card.

All right, youíre correct, MOTS is all about multiplayer. You can, correction, will play in actual locations from the trilogy, with all the classic characters and troopers. The weapons and Force-powers make it even more exiting to hack or blow your friendís head off, and there are different scenarios designed around the levels. Ever read about the Ysalamari? These 2-inch creatures repel the Force in a 2-metre bubble around any character that picks it up, which is put into active play with the new scenario, ĎKill the fool with the Ysalamari!í

With lengthy gameplay, a mammoth multiplayer section and the marvel of the Star Wars saga, all-in-all MOTS is worth picking up at your local software store. The price is being lowered all the time.

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