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I'd prefer SCUMM, from my experience. (which obviously isn't C or Java :-)

In IF there are 2 main languages: TADS, with a more C-like syntax, and Inform (for the Z-machine VM that runs Infocom adventures) with a syntax created from the outset for the specific purpose of compiling to the Z-machine.

I find that for a very specific task (like this one), sometimes having a non-standard syntax allows for tighter, clearer code, and I found it easier to read Inform than TADS, for instance.

Also since SCUMM has been around for so long, it probably has more kinks worked out than a new language which hasn't yet been through many trials to dig up structural or syntactic problems (see the bit about how to deal with '-')

BUT, of course, if it could lead to problems with LEC, and subsequently the shutdown of this project, I don't mind learning ANY other language/syntax :-)
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