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does anyone know where i can find another homuorus star wars PICTURE site, the one with my sig file is gone im spooses to go over to a friends and i wanna show him the kick me im horney sign on darth vaders back in a picture (april fools day on the death star) i have my sig on my hard drive but i still want a web site with like millions of humor pics and south park stuff (esecilly the one with yoda eating the chicken)

errrrr now i have to go and make a web page to host it, but i was gonna enenvully anyway does anyone have any suggestions for the name (www.?????????.com)

***ok, the site works now it maay have just been down for repairs so forget about the top stuff but i still need some names for my site, so im just gonna create a new post[This message has been edited by Yoda The Dj (edited July 31, 2000).]

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