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Exclamation Welcome to (Before you post, read this first)

First before I start, let me say:

Welcome to

These are the forums for the LucasArts Entertainment Company game
Star Wars Galaxies.

On these forums there are some people who you can contact if you any problems or questions come up.
Juztyn: He is our Administrator. He is the big boss of the site and these forums.
Wraith 8: (thats me ) He is the first moderator of the forums.
Jan Gaarni: He is our second moderator of the forums.

Before you go off and post in the forums, please note that we do have a set of rules to keep by.
We would like to keep the forums as they are. A cool place to post, and people that have fun.
Not a place to swear at eachother and insult eachother.
So that is why we have the following set of simple rules.

1. Dont Flame.
2. Dont spam.
3. Do not go off topic all the time.
4. Keep the right threads in the right forum.
5. Dont tick of mods.
6. Use the edit button.
7. Don't post exploits.

Ill explain the little rules one by one.

1. Dont Flame.
Flame. this means Insults
Do NOT insult people.
Also, do NOT provoke people.
There are a lot of people who are very sensitive about certain things.
Later on I will tell you a way to make sure we all know what you mean.

2. Dont Spam
With this I dont mean the meat.

With this i mean senceless posts. Posts that have absolutly nothing to do with the topic of the thread.
Now it is ok to sometimes post a funny thing. But dont open threads that dont say anything at all.
Now please also, elaborate on your post. Do not always say one tiny word. make sentences.
Please say a bit more than just 'ok' or a smilie like ''.
Iknhaton, the Administrator of the X-wing alliance and Rogue Squadron forums, once told me:
It is not the quantity of your posts. It is the quality of them.
I totaly agree with him.

3. Do not go off topic all the time.
This goes along with the 'Dont spam' rule. Ofcourse you can go off topic once in a while. But dont drag the whole thread down with your posts.

4. keep the right threads in the right forum.
Its important that you keep the right threads in the right forum.
on the General forums we have 5 different forums. they all stand for something. keep the topic of your thread in the right forum. ill explain them later on.
If you do not keep the right threads in the right forums, I will move them to the correct one.

5. Dont tick of mods.
Now Im a mod, but when I made these set of rules, I wasnt one. Still it is a good rule.
I once saw a fight between a Moderator and a member of the Lucas Forums, and believe me that the member lost big time.
Now I know we arent all powerfull and always right. But dont do things that would upset others or moderators.

6. Use the edit button.
Like the title says, use the edit button.
If you double post, or triple post, use it to delete your posts. Clean up after yourself. It's not our job to clean up after you, it's our job to make sure you do it yourself.
Also, if you have anything to add to a post, and noones posted before you and it's within an hour since you submitted the previous post, use the edit button, unless you know it will be a long post.
If you don't know where the edit button is located, take a look at this picture:
!Picture not available at the moment! Sorry!

7. Don't post exploits.
This means exactly what it says.
Any violations will result in either deletion of content, or deletion of thread/post (Mod's preference).
The same goes for posting links to sites which purpose is to spread exploits, or ask for links to such sites.
Spamming these exploit sites can result in a ban from these forums.
!NOTE! Posting about 3rd party macro tools also falls under this catagory.

I hope these rules are clear to you all. Please keep by them.

(this thread will be used for a lot of information. ill post regular update on info. so check this thread more than once.)

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