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I'm a bit biased, of course

I thought Rogue Squadron was kinda fun, but didn't have a lot of the depth that TPM has.

Racer, similarly, was fun to play but once you've finished one race, you've finished em all. Try downloading the demos for both Racer and RS, and basically you've seen the entire thing.

I've been playing X-Wing Alliance lately, and that has quite a bit of depth of gameplay. Although, I must admit, I already broke joystick on it because I got so angry at a mission...I'm supposed to keep a fleet of freighters safe with 2 wingmen against a never-ending armada of starfighters that are going after both me and the freighters...I finally am able to keep the bad guys busy so that my freighters escape into hyperspace. I follow them, my shields are out, my ship is badly damaged, my wingmen are gone (this is after a 20-minute-long mission that has no savegame), I arrive to find that a NEW armada of fully-armed and shielded fighters are waiting for me. Whoo boy, I was unfit to live with. I've seen it posted before, that some missions are 'stunningly difficult', and I agree with that description wholeheartedly.
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